PCB Fabrication at Home

If you want your PCB fabrication to be done professionally, you should hire a company that specializes in printed circuit boards. However, you should also be prepared to shoulder huge costs, especially if you need high-temperature materials. If you want to save some money and hone your skills at the same time, you can try making your own printed circuit boards at home. Do-it-yourself PCBs are actually becoming more and more popular today.

PCB fabrication

With do-it-yourself PCBs, you can create numerous projects. You can start with simple projects and gradually move on to more complex projects. If you have already worked with pre-kitted PCBs in the past, you will surely appreciate the differences between pre-printed PCBs and PCBs that were hand wired on a perf board. The process is actually pretty simple. Simply convert a schematic to a board, purchase the necessary parts, and then assemble them together.

PCB fabrication at home may seem complicated at first, especially if you are used to using pre-kitted boards. There is no need for you to be hesitant though. You just have to get a PCB layout program and gather the necessary tools for the project. You can use resist-pens and Microsoft Office’s Paint to define traces. Although you may be limited to which circuits you can use, you can still make a pretty amazing PCB.

Anyway, if you do not think that simple circuits will satisfy you, you can get a PCB layout software program for free. Layout tools, such as Eagle PCB, are excellent for PCB fabrication at home. They are commercial quality yet free of charge. They are also downloadable for both Windows and Linux operating systems. The only downsize of using this software is that you are only allowed to use one schematic and a PCB of about 2.5 inches by 4 inches. This is actually not bad if you are just doing a personal project.

Also, the software is not difficult to use. You should study the component libraries and interface. This software program is much better than Microsoft Office’s Paint and etching markers. You can purchase a paid version if you think you need more features. When it comes to etching equipment, you can buy a laser printer and a laminating machine if you plan on using the toner transfer method for your project.

Use the laser printer to print your PCB layout. Then, use the laminating machine to re-fuse the toner on a blank copper PCB. Soak the PCB until the paper dissolves and only the toner is left behind. All areas covered with copper will remain as component pads or circuit traces. You can use an etch tank in which a couple of aquarium pumps circulate Ammonium Persulfate over the PCBs and a couple of aquarium heaters maintain a specific temperature.

PCB-FabricationDepending on how fresh your solution is and how thick your PCB is, the entire process can last for ten to thirty minutes. After the etching process, you should remove the toner with a solvent. You should also tin the board using a piece of solderwick and a soldering iron. If you want to improve the appearance of your PCB as well as prevent the copper from oxidizing early, you should watch the time. Finally, you can drill the holes for the components.

PCB fabrication at home is pretty simple. You do not need to buy complex equipment either. However, your success rate may not be one hundred percent. You may need to do some trial and error or repeat the processes a few times if you are not lucky the first time. Nonetheless, DIY printed circuit board fabrication can still prove to be a worthwhile activity.

Custom Patches and the Difference they Bring to your Business

Custom patches can help make a difference for your business. You can use them to help you make your business grow since they work effectively as marketing tools. Make sure, however, that you produce attractive, quality custom patches that will surely make anyone want to have one. You need to set the right budget for such a worthy investment. You need to take time to conceptualize your design and come up with something that you can be proud of.

Patches4less.com is here to help you produce quality patches that you can easily call a work of art. We can create a patch that most people will find attractive and worth having. You need a patch that everyone will be proud to show so you can get more than sufficient exposure to advertise your business or cause. Trust us to deliver on time and on budget.

Your Patch, Your Design, Your Target Takers

If you are someone new in the business world, then you need to create a noise to get noticed right away. You can use quality custom patches to promote your business and raise awareness. In designing a logo, it is important to come up with something stunning and gorgeous. It must also convey a vivid message regarding the things that your customers can expect from your business.

Custom Patches

If you want to attract the well-to-do clients, then your patch design should appeal to them. Do some research and find the designs that attract the high class crowd the most. Avoid choosing something mediocre and plain. Choose a design with rich and fine details, but don’t go overboard.

If your target customers are students, then choose a patch design, which depicts the current trend and fashion that most of them prefer. A retro design is fine just as long as it appeals to the young crowd. Choose a design, which will attract a number of students.
If your target clients are housewives and/or moms, then create a design, which informs your target clients about your company products being eco-friendly, safe for children, or anything that provides assurance that the things you offer are perfectly safe.

When Designing your Patches

In conceptualizing a design for your patch, it is best to consider the colors you want to associate to your company or business. Think of unique color combinations that will make people think about your company whenever they see it. Make sure to incorporate the same color combinations when designing your patches. Even if you don’t include your logo in the design of, the people should still be able to associate it with your company because of the colors.

Avoid using the color combinations of a more popular company. Chances are great that people may confuse your patch as something that belongs to the more popular company. Instead of making your business known, you just gave the more popular company free advertisement. You spent time and money for nothing. Worse, you may even get accused of being a copycat. Make sure that your chosen colors are not associated with any company to avoid trouble.


The images that you use in your patch design should also be vivid. If you plan to have small patches, then don’t use too many images. Include your company slogan only if it suits the design; otherwise, drop the idea.

If you can’t come up with a good design, then you can let Patches4less.com design it for you. We have a team of amazing artists who can help you come up with the most suitable and effective design. You will receive a design proof for your approval and you can request for a revision if there’s something you want to change. The production will commence once you are satisfied with the design and the agreement. You get to choose the size, backing, delivery, colors and other options.

Distributing your Patches

If the design of your patch has a specific type of client that it needs to attract, then it is best to distribute it within the areas that your target customers frequent. If your target clients are students, then it is best to distribute in the areas near schools, arcades or malls. If your target customers are moms, then it is best to distribute them near groceries and supermarkets, schools, health clubs, salons, and other places that moms usually visit.

Your custom patches can help your business get the right amount of exposure it needs. Remember that you need to make them attractive enough for your target customers.

Guide on How to Buy Hybrid Clubs

What comes into your mind every time you hear the word “hybrid” as a type of golf club? Well, a hybrid type of golf club is formed from at least two different sources which also contains both elements of these two sources. Generally, hybrid clubs have acquired different strengths of various clubs, most notably iron and wood clubs which often results to outperforming other single-type golf club counterparts.

As a golfer, the use of hybrid golf clubs will certainly help in increasing your success, thus giving you more pleasure as you play the sport.

If you are planning to purchase a few or a complete set of hybrid golf clubs, you should initially assess the status of current clubs as well as the personal challenges that you usually encounter on the golf course. After that, you can now determine the hybrid golf club that is fit to address those factors, including the old golf clubs that need replacement. Lastly, in terms of choosing the model or brand of your hybrid golf club, never forget to follow your personal taste while considering your budget.

Who needs these hybrid clubs? Although using this type of clubs isn’t necessary for every single game, it virtually brings enjoyment and comfort to golfers like you. So, even if it’s not that necessary, it’s still a good idea to own at least one of them.


How to Select Hybrid Golf Clubs?

As golfers, you have to option to buy a complete set of hybrid golf clubs or replace only one single golf club with a hybrid one. As of the moment, there are about 25 manufacturers of hybrid golf clubs and sell them separately or as sets. Few popular brands in this type of club include Adams, Nike, Cleveland and TaylorMade – all of their products vary in price and quality.

Buying Hybrid Golf Clubs as Sets

Some golfers prefer to buy a complete set of hybrids. Usually, the set consists of hybrid 3 and 4 iron clubs that can replace at least 3 and 4 iron golf clubs.

Buying Single Hybrid Golf Clubs

If you’re planning to purchase a single hybrid golf club, you should always go for the ones that are similar to the quality of the other types of golf club in your bag. This is to ensure that you have the continuity and consistency when it comes to using the similar type of golf clubs each game. Consistency and continuity are essential for you to better predict the ball’s landing after your shot. Also, it will be more helpful if you purchase golf clubs (standard and hybrids) from just one manufacturer. This is to make sure that the transition is smoother from using one golf club to the other. In addition, newly purchased clubs slip more seamlessly inside your bag than your current set of golf clubs.


Replacing Certain Clubs with Hybrid Clubs

If you’re just replacing a particular club with a hybrid one, then you
have to replace the long irons first. In replacing golf clubs, it’s ideal to go for a hybrid club with an equivalent number of the non-hybrid one. For instance, the standard 2-iron golf clubs should be replaced with hybrid 2-iron golf clubs. As mention earlier, this helps in predicting the golf shot distances much easier.

Considering the Budget and Quality

One important factor that you should consider when buying golf clubs is the price or budget. As expected, hybrids are more costly than the non-hybrid ones. Their price ranges from about $50 to $300 per piece depending on the material, functionality and quality.
Apart from the price, the next thing that you must consider is the quality. This can be measured through the consistency of your performance every time you hit the golf ball. Better hybrid golf clubs are more forgiving in terms of your shots, meaning they have larger sweet spots which can make your ball go farther on a straight path.

For a wide range of hybrid clubs and other golf-related purchases available online, you can check out sites like http://www.rockbottomgolf.com. Be the king of the golf course by using hybrid golf clubs now!

A Consistently Chosen Motivational Speaker: Garrison Wynn

What is the best part of the speech? Many of us think it’s the last 3 minute talk when the speaker wraps up everything or when he starts to signal goodbye. We are already throwing glances to our friends to which restaurants we will go to, or making that sigh indicating our relief that finally the lecture is over.

But for outstanding and clever motivational speakers, this isn’t the best part.  In fact, every minute of a speech being delivered by today’s greatest motivational speakers would be something worth-listening to. Not to mention the lesson as well as inspiration we can get from attitude-changing ideas.

So if you are sick and tired of dragging yourself to pay attention all throughout the usual and monotonous speeches that some ineffective speakers give, you may want to take a seat and see a new color as you  listen to one of the most interesting and knowledgeable motivational speakers, Garrison Wynn.

Motivational Speaker

You don’t need to follow the 8 second rule of judging whether the lecture would be something superb or trashy when Wynn starts to speak. Skilled motivational speakers know their timing and style and most of all, know the audience. A good speaker knows when to talk about business, school, work, sex, government, marriage or even just the simple ideas about dealing with difficult people.  He knows when to throw the joke or when to talk seriously about the subject. He simply knows the perfect timing and words to both entertain and inspire his listeners and viewers.

It’s a rare talent. Not many people, even professional speakers, could combine humor and knowledge together with moving people into good life reflection. “You were simply fantastic, hilarious, and motivating,” commented Fidelity after Wynn gave his presentation in the organization’s conference. It is beyond doubt that he, just through his words and wit, could really uplift an individual’s confidence in pursuing his ambition and specifically in being selected by important decision makers, investors, or clients in the field of business and other related fields.

Through his informative speech and appealing examples, he helps people to apply what he delivers in the lecture. He focuses at pointing out that a person, product, or services could be chosen consistently to be the best as well as how to actually employ this to everyday life at work, school or simply in the house . Like his famous line implies, “If the world agreed on what’s best, everybody would choose the best and nothing else would be considered. Decision making doesn’t work that way.”

Motivational Speakers

Key points of Success according to Garrison Wynn
The 1% Outliers of Business

Garrison Wynn has studied well what really is the common thing about big companies and successful people and how they manage to stay as the cream of the crop.  His research reveals that Outliers, the 1% group of outstanding people in businesses, have personal advantages when faced with difficulty. Most significantly, they choose to be proactive when in difficult economic crisis. He points out that it is about Ambition, Attitude and Choice.

Be Consistent

His idea is really easy to remember and apply. In most of his lectures, he emphasizes that success is more than a skill. It is not only about being good at what a person does but more on being consistently chosen and recognized as good or even the best.  No wonder, he is consistently invited to deliver his speech for schools, big time companies, big time people and commoners. He is truly outstanding in what he does.

Chaos is a Catalyst for Change

Problems or difficulties are something inevitable and Wynn knows that particularly well so he came up with the idea that setbacks or dilemmas could actually serve as catalysts for people to keep moving on and to promote good change. This should serve as an inspiration for them to jump to a better situation by doing a job well, improving, and being consistently excellent.

His expertise in the field of encouraging and enlightening people through his speeches is unquestionable. The only question you would probably ask after his lecture would be, “when can I listen to him again?”

Focusing on Talent Management, a critical approach to developing the best employees

A number of organizations or business leaders believe that retaining top talent is a boon to the organization and that talent is a commodity that can be bought and thrown easily.

talent-managementThere are however, companies that realize that a high turnover rate is twice as costly as hiring a replacement. What makes these ideologies differ is the effect of retention and the vast pool of skill available in the market.

Organizations have to focus on talent management to ensure that the yearly company planning does not go to waste. It gives Human Resources an opportunity to contribute to the performance of the company and to add value to it.

Re-engineering HR’s talent management may be needed to make the company’s business leaders believe that top talent is important to keep things moving forward in the organization.

The Human Resource Department therefore, has to make necessary adjustments to re-engineer an organization’s talent management.


  • Some of the key points that every Human Resource to keep in mind are first, identify if they have the talent to execute the organization’s strategy. Hiring or developing talent then are the best options to attain the company’s goals.
  • Second, this means of managing employees does not only aim to develop skills whenever there is a need. Skills of an employee must last longer for more than a year keeping in track with the mission and vision of a company. It might be too costly for an organization to change their strategic goals on an annual basis.
  • Third, Human Resource should identify which roles drive the most value in their business, how they get that resource and maintain an acceptable level of turnover. Retention is a key factor in developing talent especially now with companies having diversified culture and working habits.

Employees are not just looking for the right         compensation but also the work-life balance and office atmosphere that companies provide.

  • Fourth, human resource’s talent management should be able to engage and reward the right talent especially those that are in pivotal roles.
  • Fifth, human resource should focus on assessing the skills the organization needs to implement its strategy and the plan for managing and recruiting potential employees.

exam_iconHuman Resource should be able to understand what the needs of their employees are and match it with their roles.

They should also be able to know what the organization needs to do to add the right talent. There are two common ways to do that and that is hire internally or recruit the best talent in the market.

Organizations should not only focus on current performance and leadership capabilities of its employees but also assess the potential for leadership in future roles.

times, hiring internally is the best option versus recruiting a new talent as it saves time in developing the new talent and is more practical in terms of costs. Keep in mind though, that an organization’s Performance Management System must be exceptionally well, in order to identify the right talent for promotion or for a new role.

In summary, talent management has always been important to organizations especially that it has become more critical now that technology has progressed so much that major companies have started to focus their operations on a global scale.

downloadThis has created a situation wherein talent has a major impact on the bottom line of each company.

As it is has been accepted by Human Resource scholars, the disparity of critical jobs between good talent and poor talent is 100 to 1. Making work-based organizations focus on talent as a source of competitive advantage.

Therefore, organizations have to dig deeper into their current roster to be able to achieve their goals.