A Consistently Chosen Motivational Speaker: Garrison Wynn

What is the best part of the speech? Many of us think it’s the last 3 minute talk when the speaker wraps up everything or when he starts to signal goodbye. We are already throwing glances to our friends to which restaurants we will go to, or making that sigh indicating our relief that finally the lecture is over.

But for outstanding and clever motivational speakers, this isn’t the best part.  In fact, every minute of a speech being delivered by today’s greatest motivational speakers would be something worth-listening to. Not to mention the lesson as well as inspiration we can get from attitude-changing ideas.

So if you are sick and tired of dragging yourself to pay attention all throughout the usual and monotonous speeches that some ineffective speakers give, you may want to take a seat and see a new color as you  listen to one of the most interesting and knowledgeable motivational speakers, Garrison Wynn.

Motivational Speaker

You don’t need to follow the 8 second rule of judging whether the lecture would be something superb or trashy when Wynn starts to speak. Skilled motivational speakers know their timing and style and most of all, know the audience. A good speaker knows when to talk about business, school, work, sex, government, marriage or even just the simple ideas about dealing with difficult people.  He knows when to throw the joke or when to talk seriously about the subject. He simply knows the perfect timing and words to both entertain and inspire his listeners and viewers.

It’s a rare talent. Not many people, even professional speakers, could combine humor and knowledge together with moving people into good life reflection. “You were simply fantastic, hilarious, and motivating,” commented Fidelity after Wynn gave his presentation in the organization’s conference. It is beyond doubt that he, just through his words and wit, could really uplift an individual’s confidence in pursuing his ambition and specifically in being selected by important decision makers, investors, or clients in the field of business and other related fields.

Through his informative speech and appealing examples, he helps people to apply what he delivers in the lecture. He focuses at pointing out that a person, product, or services could be chosen consistently to be the best as well as how to actually employ this to everyday life at work, school or simply in the house . Like his famous line implies, “If the world agreed on what’s best, everybody would choose the best and nothing else would be considered. Decision making doesn’t work that way.”

Motivational Speakers

Key points of Success according to Garrison Wynn
The 1% Outliers of Business

Garrison Wynn has studied well what really is the common thing about big companies and successful people and how they manage to stay as the cream of the crop.  His research reveals that Outliers, the 1% group of outstanding people in businesses, have personal advantages when faced with difficulty. Most significantly, they choose to be proactive when in difficult economic crisis. He points out that it is about Ambition, Attitude and Choice.

Be Consistent

His idea is really easy to remember and apply. In most of his lectures, he emphasizes that success is more than a skill. It is not only about being good at what a person does but more on being consistently chosen and recognized as good or even the best.  No wonder, he is consistently invited to deliver his speech for schools, big time companies, big time people and commoners. He is truly outstanding in what he does.

Chaos is a Catalyst for Change

Problems or difficulties are something inevitable and Wynn knows that particularly well so he came up with the idea that setbacks or dilemmas could actually serve as catalysts for people to keep moving on and to promote good change. This should serve as an inspiration for them to jump to a better situation by doing a job well, improving, and being consistently excellent.

His expertise in the field of encouraging and enlightening people through his speeches is unquestionable. The only question you would probably ask after his lecture would be, “when can I listen to him again?”