Guide on How to Buy Hybrid Clubs

What comes into your mind every time you hear the word “hybrid” as a type of golf club? Well, a hybrid type of golf club is formed from at least two different sources which also contains both elements of these two sources. Generally, hybrid clubs have acquired different strengths of various clubs, most notably iron and wood clubs which often results to outperforming other single-type golf club counterparts.

As a golfer, the use of hybrid golf clubs will certainly help in increasing your success, thus giving you more pleasure as you play the sport.

If you are planning to purchase a few or a complete set of hybrid golf clubs, you should initially assess the status of current clubs as well as the personal challenges that you usually encounter on the golf course. After that, you can now determine the hybrid golf club that is fit to address those factors, including the old golf clubs that need replacement. Lastly, in terms of choosing the model or brand of your hybrid golf club, never forget to follow your personal taste while considering your budget.

Who needs these hybrid clubs? Although using this type of clubs isn’t necessary for every single game, it virtually brings enjoyment and comfort to golfers like you. So, even if it’s not that necessary, it’s still a good idea to own at least one of them.


How to Select Hybrid Golf Clubs?

As golfers, you have to option to buy a complete set of hybrid golf clubs or replace only one single golf club with a hybrid one. As of the moment, there are about 25 manufacturers of hybrid golf clubs and sell them separately or as sets. Few popular brands in this type of club include Adams, Nike, Cleveland and TaylorMade – all of their products vary in price and quality.

Buying Hybrid Golf Clubs as Sets

Some golfers prefer to buy a complete set of hybrids. Usually, the set consists of hybrid 3 and 4 iron clubs that can replace at least 3 and 4 iron golf clubs.

Buying Single Hybrid Golf Clubs

If you’re planning to purchase a single hybrid golf club, you should always go for the ones that are similar to the quality of the other types of golf club in your bag. This is to ensure that you have the continuity and consistency when it comes to using the similar type of golf clubs each game. Consistency and continuity are essential for you to better predict the ball’s landing after your shot. Also, it will be more helpful if you purchase golf clubs (standard and hybrids) from just one manufacturer. This is to make sure that the transition is smoother from using one golf club to the other. In addition, newly purchased clubs slip more seamlessly inside your bag than your current set of golf clubs.


Replacing Certain Clubs with Hybrid Clubs

If you’re just replacing a particular club with a hybrid one, then you
have to replace the long irons first. In replacing golf clubs, it’s ideal to go for a hybrid club with an equivalent number of the non-hybrid one. For instance, the standard 2-iron golf clubs should be replaced with hybrid 2-iron golf clubs. As mention earlier, this helps in predicting the golf shot distances much easier.

Considering the Budget and Quality

One important factor that you should consider when buying golf clubs is the price or budget. As expected, hybrids are more costly than the non-hybrid ones. Their price ranges from about $50 to $300 per piece depending on the material, functionality and quality.
Apart from the price, the next thing that you must consider is the quality. This can be measured through the consistency of your performance every time you hit the golf ball. Better hybrid golf clubs are more forgiving in terms of your shots, meaning they have larger sweet spots which can make your ball go farther on a straight path.

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