Custom Patches and the Difference they Bring to your Business

Custom patches can help make a difference for your business. You can use them to help you make your business grow since they work effectively as marketing tools. Make sure, however, that you produce attractive, quality custom patches that will surely make anyone want to have one. You need to set the right budget for such a worthy investment. You need to take time to conceptualize your design and come up with something that you can be proud of. is here to help you produce quality patches that you can easily call a work of art. We can create a patch that most people will find attractive and worth having. You need a patch that everyone will be proud to show so you can get more than sufficient exposure to advertise your business or cause. Trust us to deliver on time and on budget.

Your Patch, Your Design, Your Target Takers

If you are someone new in the business world, then you need to create a noise to get noticed right away. You can use quality custom patches to promote your business and raise awareness. In designing a logo, it is important to come up with something stunning and gorgeous. It must also convey a vivid message regarding the things that your customers can expect from your business.

Custom Patches

If you want to attract the well-to-do clients, then your patch design should appeal to them. Do some research and find the designs that attract the high class crowd the most. Avoid choosing something mediocre and plain. Choose a design with rich and fine details, but don’t go overboard.

If your target customers are students, then choose a patch design, which depicts the current trend and fashion that most of them prefer. A retro design is fine just as long as it appeals to the young crowd. Choose a design, which will attract a number of students.
If your target clients are housewives and/or moms, then create a design, which informs your target clients about your company products being eco-friendly, safe for children, or anything that provides assurance that the things you offer are perfectly safe.

When Designing your Patches

In conceptualizing a design for your patch, it is best to consider the colors you want to associate to your company or business. Think of unique color combinations that will make people think about your company whenever they see it. Make sure to incorporate the same color combinations when designing your patches. Even if you don’t include your logo in the design of, the people should still be able to associate it with your company because of the colors.

Avoid using the color combinations of a more popular company. Chances are great that people may confuse your patch as something that belongs to the more popular company. Instead of making your business known, you just gave the more popular company free advertisement. You spent time and money for nothing. Worse, you may even get accused of being a copycat. Make sure that your chosen colors are not associated with any company to avoid trouble.


The images that you use in your patch design should also be vivid. If you plan to have small patches, then don’t use too many images. Include your company slogan only if it suits the design; otherwise, drop the idea.

If you can’t come up with a good design, then you can let design it for you. We have a team of amazing artists who can help you come up with the most suitable and effective design. You will receive a design proof for your approval and you can request for a revision if there’s something you want to change. The production will commence once you are satisfied with the design and the agreement. You get to choose the size, backing, delivery, colors and other options.

Distributing your Patches

If the design of your patch has a specific type of client that it needs to attract, then it is best to distribute it within the areas that your target customers frequent. If your target clients are students, then it is best to distribute in the areas near schools, arcades or malls. If your target customers are moms, then it is best to distribute them near groceries and supermarkets, schools, health clubs, salons, and other places that moms usually visit.

Your custom patches can help your business get the right amount of exposure it needs. Remember that you need to make them attractive enough for your target customers.